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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 4, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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asking for the help that bind the driver of the strike and killed amanda kept on going. >> kevin freeman is here with details and a plea from vietnam family >> this deadly hit-and-run happened in august and police still have very little evidence to help them find the driver. the family is urging anyone who to speak of. the person he took away their son. it's been more than two months. >> and there is a piece that's
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he leg wake up. you lie down. that was stuck by a vehicle on kinsman road near east 69th street. the driver never stopped. they not died a little more than a day later becky we are still going through the process each and every day. not knowing what happened to my son, to our son. we loved our son. that was my baby boy. he was a very dear dear son. at the time of his death he was a store manager.
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academy in 2010 and wanted to pursue a career in nursing. >> he left his family. dieuly. we loved him. >> benita mccormick says not knowing what happened to her son is painful. she help someone will call police that hitler know would come forward. >> what would you do. how could you list, how could you make it how could you carry on. >> police say they have no description information should call crimestoppers or. >> somebody out there know something. hopefully the family gets interesting. >> the hitter at 10:00 p.m. tonight one day after game seven of the world series some local indians fans may be getting a
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explain all of this. this is sort of bizarre. >> it really is. a few were alerted as tivis phones were ringing across northeast ohio tonight. the caller id makes it look like the indians are on the line, when residents answered the call they hear something else entirely. here's a photo sent to us as you can see it shows a number and the caller id identifies the person on the line is being from the indians. viewers told us on the ends at the call, it was actually p caller id was not authorized on the costs of party been made in the campaign says the mistake will not happen again. the campaign is apologizing by that mixup.
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method and it should not reflect on 12 years of service as the judge. you might imagine maybe the outcome of game seven. that fox 8 i-team. exposing one of the best-kept secrets in a well-to-do suburb the fire chief there arrested for drunk driving. i team reporter ed kallick has more. >> demand led into this booking room in handcuffs gets paid to protect you. jason malik chief of the richfield fire department, the i-team learned kent police arrested him and when we reviewed police video, we found him doing a bit of name dropping as he spoke to a jailer about post- posting bond to get out of jail. >> had to call couple of police chiefs here because this is
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including your chief. late last month, kent police made the arrest. >> is the chief brand? >> he is not. tina when he will be? we went to the richfield fire department, from the chiefs office dark bread from the fire station the 18 came over here looking for the richfield mayor. we are we not hear, but later she did send a message page says the fire chief is on administrative leave she calls this very serious, but since this is a legal and personal
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>> folks on the streets of richfield surprised to hear what the i-team uncovered that can biggie there held to a higher standard. running around getting everybody else dressed up. to get we went to the home, too, then his attorney called to say the chief is not guilty, looking forward to defending himself in court. nokia stick swinging himself in a booking room. take injured that you fax. >> also a member of this federal swat team. the incident was caught on camera at an akron elementary school. she says her son walked away from the school and no one knew where he was sure as many going up to the secretary before she
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anthony says her mother called to say that she would pick him up, but the boy had actually left the school and, once again,, no one knew where he was. he symptoms of desclafani expected to be safe. you think this is a nice place for your cavalier at work or for that to happen is because about a panic, take our security measures are tight and when we find something like this happens, we address it right away. i certainly can say that what she did was justified to go behind the desk and physically assault an employee. >> finney was arrested in charge of, jolt imaging and assault her son was found safe at their home half mile from the school.
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commander-in-chief. read to the white house has been a rocky one his book and his continued to convince voters on the campaign trail. >> and five days were going to win the great state of north carolina. we are going to win back the white house. >> tell me, north carolina, are you really, really, really, really happy that we are here tonight? did you hillary clinton made two stops joined by bernie sanders. donald trump also making two stops in north carolina today. the battleground state is important for both candidates. right now polls give. >> my opponent have he wants to ban every muslim in the world
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allowing thousands and thousands to come into a country. hillary wants a 550 percent increase in syrian refugees. >> today president obama stumped for wild trumps web malone was in philadelphia where she gave her first solo speech since the convention. cleveland shine during the love the type out, that fall classic wasn't a total loss. tens of thousands of fans watching the indians face the cubs. packing watch parties in the street in creating cubs fans ending big. >> one cup then told me it's cheaper for them to come to cleveland, buy a ticket, party,
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for bartenders, restaurant owners, managers. >> there is no question the impact of the world series extends well beyond the ball park with the indians estimating each postseason game having a $3 million economic impact in downtown cleveland. our restaurants were packed, our parking lots were back.
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amount of trip request compared with an average weeknight. more people doubling to downtown cleveland during this banner year for the city. i feel bad for those who weren't able to hold on to see this kind of business 2016 has done for his neighborhood. >> in cleveland, matt wright, folksiness. >> still to come, his ink is all over the internet. >> tribes fan made a bold move before the world series and now he's speaking out about his
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what i wanted to note is where
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the crowds thin out, easy the setting crescent moon briefly do a little peak abuse there. there it is setting right there on the west west southwest and mouse guys are partly to mostly clear. there is the second batch of cloud cover. not even accompanied by any stray or random range of hours or even as sprinkled very just clo like in the temperatures falling into the 40s behind us the high today was 68, really cracks yes, it was just before they game ended very early this morning. sixty-eight. then it fell to the 53. we end up with 43 with codie
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we should be this time of year which will be upper 50s. a complete look at your forecast and what could be a change in the leather pandered at the end of the eight day. >> know you have is concerned. >> it's been nice not having to lug a jacket around. the i-team shows us how it's being used on suspect. take the life that administrators told students
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more details emerging about the island man charged with the murder of two police police say scott green has a lengthy history with law enforcement. he even posted his most recent confrontation with officers on youtube. he was also ejected from a football game in the city of urbandale after flying the confederate flag during the national anthem. >> we're familiar with mr. greene from our years of service, most of the officers that have been some understanding of mr. greene. the school system was in the
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have a daughter that was a student and school. they are setting the parameters. >> both the officers were found dead in their cruisers on wednesday morning. >> investigators during the morning after a discovery in south carolina. a woman who had been missing for two months was found chained inside a metal storage container. taylor brown and her boyfriend disappeared in august. she was discovered after search crews heard banging sound inside this very cost the computer we have. we'll know once we find some evidence that we are looking for or not. >> a registered sex offender is under arrest in the case is currently charged with kidnapping. >> protest outside a historically african-american
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senate debate the over the red as part by the protesters to include a white nationalist and the debate and execute the student body from the audience. the debate included six candidates including david duke. the school at the pay $2.4 million for violating the law that requires universities to report campus crimes penn state says it will tell him that fine. >> indians fans have plenty of company at progressive field last night. >> cubs fans park packing the park taking closer look at how so many of them managed to grab tickets. >> a man tokes on fried chicken.
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24 hours after game seven of the world series, cleveland is still buzzing about how many cubs fans filled the seats at progressive field. >> laurie taylor is faintly indians fans didn't appear to
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>> it was a sea of chicago blue everywhere you looked during game seven of the world series as the cleveland indians took on the cubs at a shot at the top spot in baseball. >> it was a good vantage point. >> drove all the way from chicago and spent $2,000 at ticket to watch their favorite team from high atop progressive field. >> when they got that last out we were so happy. >> worth every penny to see >> it really was. >> jim and his son grant meet up a party of four $8,000 for the group. >> spectacular, history making moment. >> there was no shortage of tickets available to chicagoans and they have indians fans to thank for that. season ticket holders were allowed to buy eight additional seats per game for family and friends for fast cash. >> the prices were so ridiculous
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that kind of money. tribe fans are crying foul over the high cost of tickets the price so many clevelanders out of the stadium. while he says best last-minute check showed standing room only going for $1,000. field boxes were running seven, eight, $10,000 a seat. >> it's just frustrating. you wait this long to for a potential championship and you have to share it with the cubs fans. a spokesperson indians as the team and poses strict regulations but admits the tribe control of where the tickets go on the end of the market. he says those eight extra tickets hold sold to season ticket holders is just one of the benefits i comes with investing in the team even if it's a cubs fan ultimately scores. >> unbelievable. unbelievable.
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reporting in cleveland lori taylor, folksiness. one thing for sure, the cub fans were very loud. >> they wear very loud, very nice to us, but just to many of them. still to come to my cleveland fans going all in. >> what is next for the guy with the championship tattoo. tonight he's talking about his pre- world series decision. as gary elections ion is turning ?living well? rise above joint discomfort with move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility and flexibility, and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill...
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?living well? rise above joint discomfort with move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility and flexibility, and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill... >> fistfight after game seven. take cubs fan is popple by one punch. >> new technology helping police get to the truth. the i-team shows us what's being used to interrogate suspects. >> a bit of a warm-up on the way
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excited about. andre has the extended forecast. the news at 10:00 p.m. continues now. >> cleveland on fox eight news. >> it's been nearly 24 hours since they tribe fell to the cubs in game seven of the world series and it safe to say that emotions were running really high last night. particularly between a cubs fan and an indians fan, video of media and is being seen all over the world. jack shea has the story. >> emotions are running high after game seven of the world series as chicago fans celebrate their victory outside progressive field. in cleveland fans head home after a bitter loss. it leads to at least one confrontation. a cubs fan who reported to some witnesses was taunting clevelanders about the outcome of the series is knocked unconscious by an indians fan. video of the not was posted on social media. many clevelanders find the video disturbing and say it does not
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city wants to project. >> i see people unleashing the emotions that should be at the game. it's a game to be enjoyed, not to be fought it's not like a battle. >> am sorry that we lost, but we can't take the loss personally it was a good team effort. >> those who believe in cleveland as a world-class destination say this is the wrong way to treat an out-of-town guest. treat them fairly you want treated. at the game. it sports. it's always competition, it's always been to be that rivalry. to see something like that, that's just horrible. it's wrong. it shouldn't happen. cleveland police say the cub dam was taken to metrohealth medical center where he was treated for head injury and a cut to his lip. he told police he did not want to file a police report, he just wanted to go back home to chicago. the fan identified is 36
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he was knocked out told tmc my head hurts, and i survived an assault just like my cub survived being down 3-myquon. it's that kind of bravado that make some clevelanders believe that alan anderson may have earned his lumps by deep being disrespectful. my first reaction is at the talk stuff around here that's what happens we handle her own stuff here in cleveland. the guy chose a very poor time to make statements like that even though it may look bad for the had a poor choice of timing. >> police have not identified the cleveland fan and it appears that alan anderson will not press charges. county residents on edge is investigators remained tightlipped about a new investigation that's under way there. chris meant the day and overall property digging for evidence. the bot i hope attorneys at general office would only say their officers executing a search warrant. they say that weren't has nothing to do with the murders
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april. the trial of a former university of cincinnati police officer continuing today. witnesses was not being dragged by a car when he shot and killed an unarmed black man last year. tenting told investigators that he feared for his life for my officer is on trial for murder. and akron police need your help to find a pair of fugitives sarah her singer and richer marty are wanted for a felonious assault and kidnapping accused of inviting the victim to apartment than holding him against as well. if you see the suspects: akron place. >> and i-team has found a new way for authorities to figure out if you're buying. you can be used with or instead of a traditional polygraph. >> i would like to show you our new i detect my detection technology. just have a cd or. bill evans at polytech and akron
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lying eyes. >> these technologies you can see. law-enforcement officials of the new tool to tell if you are telling the truth. i detect spread. >> when a person is in a position they have to lie, the cognitive is great and to the point where the person then has to make a decision do i tell the truth and they finally make that decision. so they buy at that. they dilate. and i detect pick set up. it takes about 60 frames per second of your eye during the course of the test. >> this new technology can be used for preemployment screenings and it can also be used to catch a criminal. >> we also can examine the different types of crimes sex offender testing. take it you're here to take a polygraph examination, i'm sure your nervous, everyone is. evans is been administrating the traditional by detector test for over two decades as i detect is faster and easier to administer.
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>> just put your chin and the generalized. the person taking the i detect test follows directions on the computer. the test takes about 30 minutes. shortly after the test is done, the results are given to the person who administered the test. salt lake city police department uses it extensively. in ohio we were the first to have it in ohio. as a matter fact forth in the country to have it. consequently i would imagine several fire departments are using it in the future brisbane improper says. miss. tasha i detect is 85 percent accurate on its own. when used with the traditional polygraph that 98 percent accurate. because it's quicker, many agencies in north east ohio are starting to take a look at it. the window today, noticed something i hadn't seen before this season. nomar gress, the grass is there, but it's covered by the leads a lot of work to start doing this weekend brett.
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here is andre with a look at the forecast. we said, on pay, give us some nice weather. >> a great weekend so you can break out that leaf blower. >> that beautiful toy of mine. >> it is. you agree not to come into mind lots. >> i will take that under consideration. there he good. >> especially since the weather is going to be fantastic. we started to see the atmosphere clear out, but not completely because we still have a secondary front back up in a few stray showers way up in ontario, canada. they are still there. this is the front they came through late last night. the secondary friend is here. if history shower southern ontario don't think they're going to survive the trip there continuing to as they move in our direction. and the atmosphere is actually beginning to clear out even as we speak. lots of places are mostly clear it is 47 because of the clear
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starting to fall into the 40s and a lot of the burbs in the northeast as well. notice the temperature trend, we started out here at 71 that was 24 hours ago, and obviously the trend is down. we will end up tonight at 43. variably cloudy skies and cooler north winds, generally on the lakeside. we will start to pick up a little bit tomorrow closer to the 10-mile an hour range it will be sunny and cool during the day. about 6 degrees off the mark. we can think that close shots, most of which will head into the northeast. because this ridge of high pressure which is going to be all hours to the weekend, what does it do for the weekend?
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days. we drop it down to zero per cent overnight it just stays there saturday, sunday even into monday, you can do some of that, see i have a picture of you on our graphic. >> , he doesn't use her break. >> high-powered. >> he might at my house. at any rate we have 10-20 percent for election date, that's just a random spread, so it does not appear like it's going to be a big deal. much of the country eastern two thirds of the country should be fairly quiet and uneventful. with temperatures that are near normal for the eastern two thirds of the country. pacific northwest. that's the only trouble spots. notice at the end of the eight-day, right there, that could be the opening gateway of much colder november era. keep an eye on it. >> and lick some rain showers. who knows. >> thank you, andre. he is a tribe fan who had a lot of faith and his team. >> is he now regretting that
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the story goes viral. z25ehz z16fz
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for wednesday and the indians world series loss was particularly painful. >> that's because he carries the reminder of what could have been right on his arm. melissa reid is here now to explain. melissa berete. >> he is not the first fan to get a preemptive tattoo celebrating their teams world championship, but he says he has no regrets. it's no secret that cleveland indians fans are loyal fans in the mlb. but one guy has the ink to prove it. i woke up in the morning and the ij just came to me that i'm going to go get this. that 19 -year-old mike at bainbridge. guess he got a 2,016 world series champions tattoo. >> honestly i had no dialogue in my mind we were going to win. there was no part of me that that we're going to lose. he was so confident that three
1:43 am
forearm he immediately tweeted out a picture that read some call a bold, others call it an intelligent, but i'm just going it faith they think luber. >> but we all know how this ends. >> i was 16 when i got it from my brother so that's pretty young. eleven -year-old freshman and university says he has a personal reason for doing it. me and my brother have this ongoinga each other blake who does the most outrageous thing basically. so this is definitely going to top it. his brother anthony passed away almost two years ago in a car accident. i thought even if it didn't work out, i wouldn't regret it because i got anthony one more time. he love cleveland sports and so did i. after the tattoo he says there's no way he's getting it removed. i wait until next year when the tribe wins the world series wait
1:44 am
2,017 might appear. and we still make a little more sense. so, how did his parents take it? he said at first not good. he said there was some yelling, some choice words, but he says eventually they settled down and he says right now he is not grounded. at least he has a plan for next year. he said he's a business majors so maybe that's a foreshadowing >> he said that, no regrets. still to come here tonight the goal was to teach them a lesson. it backfired in a big way. inside the drill that caused high schoolers to panic. in fast food legal battle. why customer wants to wage war with pop popeyes over
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the dangers of distracted driving, but some say their method went too far. during monday mornings announcement, students were told for their fellow students had died in a crash involving texting and driving. that wasn't true. the second announcement came only ten minutes later telling them this is all part of an
1:48 am
>> a lot of our friends and fellow students actually started crying because they thought these people were dead and so i think a lot of them called their parents and school too. >> it wasn't really effective if they were trying to teach using scare tactics which doesn't teach, it just makes you not trust the teachers and any of the announcements are going to get. >> the superintendent and principal of the schools say they only received a few complaints from parents about school officials say they are in tension was not the cause stress a state-run television service is stopping of that toddlers frightening joy ride. here it is their surveillance video of -year-old boy is seen writing at toy car against the flow of traffic this happened during busy morning rush hour. amazingly the boy was not hurt the cars on the street rolled around him and a police officer eventually picked them up.
1:49 am
mother who was visibly different stressed by the entire situation. students and alumni at the university of oregon outrage after learning about the professors halloween costume. my professor and t-shirts wore blackface as part of a costume to an off-campus party earlier this week. in a letter the university president condemned the actions and the use of blackface is offensive and reinforces racial stereotypes. the professor said the custom was based on a character from a book that she likes, but students are upset regardless of intent. >> i feel kind of confused as why someone would think that's appropriate although i don't know all the details of what exactly the costume wise, i'm a little disgusted. that is a very deep historical meaning that has a lot to do with systematic racism dating back to slavery. >> student and alumni have created a petition on
1:50 am
force her to resign. >> a lawyer in mississippi dressing citing his extreme comments towards his family. paul newton junior filed a lawsuit this week alleging he joked after being forced to eat a piece of chicken with his hands he faulted the fast food chain for not giving him a knife and his drive-through order. newton led to the lack of utensils forced them to hold the chicken in his hand and tear off pieces with his teeth, that's when he charged. some people say he should've >> may be a should slow down even. nobody eats chicken with
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behaviorally, we know about how much to put in our mouse to keep us from choking to death, and or we would choke on every bite we ate. a lot of people are talking
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signs are popping up around bangor maine advertising the campaign a penny wise the creepy clown from the stephen king novel it. big secular posies running for we don't know the answer to bid
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around the downtown area of the city. inc. posted a picture of himself alongside the picture. not clear who put them up in the first place. >> the cavaliers well, they were taken on the celtics who had to briefly in the first quarter before cleveland got the lead and then buy a 128-1 and they are now 5-0. tightly in his getting the offense going great and space, creating a spot, hitting the jumper. even it up to 23 on the night and tristan thompson was active as always tristan with a double double on the night and certainly does. difficult to stop. is he right there, oh my goodness.
1:55 am
taking advantage there is kevin love. james had 20 points and the third quarter. thirty points on the night, 12 assists, james is now one point shy of ten and all plays all time in the nba. the cavaliers in james and proving to 5-0 with a 128-122 victory at the q tonight. extra innings in game seven and exhausting month of october for the indians, but the future looks very bright for the baseball team in town the team showed its grit and its toughness in game seven last night it was how they played all season long. they never gave up they valued team play but for anything else. his team had nothing left and he certainly could live with that kind of effort. the guys than 2017 brings even greater products. >> it is 25 guys that are
1:56 am
>> and proud of these guys. for them to bring me over here and feed me the way that i've been treated has been a special year for me. >> we'll be back. it's pretty confident there's a lot of people who probably don't even know who some of these guys who are huge roles for us, we kind of followed kansas cities lead a little bit to get here. they lost before they through. >> as the indians of the off-season is expected they will pick up the 2,017th of carlos santana believed to be 12 million. he's under 200 in the postseason beds pryor says he's been doing with a hamstring issue for about four games. he doesn't think it will keep him from playing on sunday against the boys but the big question is who is going to start at qb.
1:57 am
likely to say what his plan is on friday. the playoffs begin in high school football tomorrow. and they simply have a tall order facing the defending state champions saint edwards. a bunch of games on tap. >> great games coming up. thank you very much. that will do it for us. have a great night everybody. >> good night.
1:58 am
y it was all glitz and glamor, but it turned out to be a gold-plated scam. the trump taj mahal, trump castle and trump plaza all went bankrupt. but he walked away with millions. it was the carpenters, landscapers, small businesses who helped build the place that got stiffed. and hundreds of workers have lost their jobs. if that's what donald trump did here,
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>> chris: i'm chris hansen. right now, on "crime watch daily" from here in new york... ? ? >> chris: he's the frat boy being called a monster. accused of sexually assaulting five women at the university of wisconsin. all new developments today, one, it's creepy and county with alec. >> i feel somebody grabbed my back and touch my tattoo. >> chris: did he keep a diary of his alleged victims, outlining his dark obsessions? melissa mccarty has breaking news from the campus on high alert. >> since february of 2015. >> chris: then, it's terrifying video, people recently brazenly abducted right off the streets. would you be putting yourself at


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